Apologia Pro Blogo Suo

Often in the course of research I encounter ideas that I appreciate, even if I can’t see at the time how it will immediately pertain to my own work. In the meantime, the task is to understand it well enough to recall it to mind when an opportune problem presents itself. My own standard for understanding a concept is being able to teach it extemporaneously, so I expect to use this blog mostly for presentations of concepts that I’d like to understand better.

I am unsure whether this will become a lab notebook, though I admire the idea and think that folks like Carl Boettiger have done an amazing job of it. The idea is simply to record good ideas I’ve encountered, as well as miscellaneous units of research too small for publication or arxiv.

In the meantime, thanks to Github for the hosting space, Jekyll and Octopress developers for the platform, and Cristina Grama for helpful comments on a debilitating bug in my Octopress config. Still getting the hang of the Jekyll ecology, so expect things to be totally unusable for a while.