This is the part of the academic website where I try to convince you that I mostly have interesting, quirky, wholesome hobbies, and you mostly believe me.


I enjoy playing music, primarily stringed instruments. I have plausible proficiency in guitar, 5-string banjo and bass, and I’m (sort of) working on the fiddle. 26 was far too late to start playing a violin.


I really enjoy programming for its own sake. I plan to write up a few projects I’ve done over the years soon.


I am a very mediocre powerlifter, and am also starting to train the clean and jerk.

Long-Distance Cycling

I am also a very mediocre cyclist, but sometimes I like to get on my bike and not get off for 200km or so.


My girlfriend is from Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. Despite the fact all Flemings speak annoyingly perfect English, learning Dutch is important to me.