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Talks and Posters

  • “Exact Fermi-Dirac Statistics for Bacterial Transcription Factors”. Poster presented to GLBIO 2013.
  • “Exact solutions for transcription factor binding distributions”. Contributed talk for Frontiers in Systems and Synthetic Biology ‘13. 2013
  • “Genome-wide Conservation of Codon Usage Bias in fast-growing Bacteria”. Poster presented to the Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference. 2012.
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  • “Circular reasoning: Stochastic optimization in the disk-covering problem” with Dennis Howell and Matthew Tiger. Presented to the Towson University Mathematics Colloquium. 2011.
  • “Finite Splicing Systems, Logically and Algebraically”. Presented to the George Washington University Logic Seminar. 2011.
  • “DIY-GEM: tools for citizen scientists”, describing joint work with the Baltimore-US iGEM team. Presented to the MIT iGEM Jamboree. 2010.
  • “Silence of the \lambda’s: A Geographical Model of Criminal Behavior”, with Sara Miller and Dennis Howell. Invited talk for the MD-DC-VA Section MAA Meeting at Virginia State University. 2010.
  • “Risk Estimates for Large-Scale Chlorine Road Transport Networks.” Contributed talk for the George Mason University Conference on Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling. 2010.