Service and Outreach

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Bioinformatics with Project Rosalind

October 01, 2013

General Audience, Baltimore Underground Science Space, Baltimore, MD, USA

Six week introductory course on Python and elementary bioinformatics using Project Rosalind.

DIY Bioinformatics

June 01, 2013

popular audience, Baltimore UnderGround Science Space, Baltimore, MD

Talk and live coding demonstration on elementary gene finding algorithms.

B-Ethical Debate Series

March 01, 2013

Debate, UMBC, Catonsville, MD, USA

In grad school I was thrice invited by the UMBC Biology Council of Majors to debate various bioethical topics. Although I was technically undefeated (as measured by audience polling), the truth is of course not determined by a vote. I thank BIOCOM and all of my opponents for the occasions to explore and defend my views.

What is Computational Biology?

September 01, 2012

popular audience, Friends School, Baltimore, MD

An introductory talk on the aims and methods of computational biology for a high school audience.

A Taste of Category Theory

June 01, 2012

popular audience, UMBC SPLASH!, Catonsville, MD

Guest lecture on category theory for high school students.

The Ecology of Rock Paper Scissors

January 01, 2012

popular audience, MICA, Baltimore, MD, USA

Guest lecture at the Maryland Institute College of Art on evolutionary game theory, focusing on the rock-paper-scissors game in well-mixed and spatially resolved populations.